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Don-Lee Margin Corporation was incorporated in 1967 for the purpose of contracting janitorial type jobs. With the demand for contract services and building maintenance increasing steadily, the future of the company was bright.
In 1973, the company was acquired by Keith Dickerson who became President and General Manager and in his passing that position was transferred to his wife Denise Dickerson who owned the company for 12 years. Under their leadership, the company expanded from janitorial contracts to local trucking, building maintenance, janitorial supplies, painting, sand blasting and general labor. During that time the company expanded to providing a full line of office supplies, safety supplies, food service products; and truck rental service!
On June 1st, 2021, the business was acquired by Jack Chambers, former COO & vice president, and his partner Craig Dimes. With staying in the growing tradition, they have since added a propane refueling station, evening hours on Wednesday and weekend hours on Saturday. They have also added the addition Penske Truck Rentals to their location on the west side of Seaford.
At Don-Lee Margin Corporation, we are pioneers in the cleaning and maintenance business. Offering full-service cleaning along with general maintenance to industrial, commercial and the residential sectors. We are capable of performing whatever needs arise, Don-Lee Does That! Don-Lee Margin Corporation is a growing diversified company that recognizes its abilities for complete customer satisfaction. We have 55 years of service and look forward to continued years of satisfactory service & supplies.
We believe our future depends on the service we give today. Our operations are bonded and insured. We are a fully functioning 24hr company.
Our company provides multi-location discounts as well as service with supplies discounts. When you work with Don-Lee Corporation you’re partnering with more than 55 years of Janitorial and Maintenance Services. We look forward to continuing to provide reliable dependable workmanship to all of Delmarva and beyond.
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